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Killerclean is an established organization that aims to provide various cleaning services in Halifax area, on both residential and commercial basis. What makes us different is that, we are able to think outside the box in order to meet our customers needs and to comply with their expectations at a very reasonable price.
Office Cleaning
House Cleaning
Killerclean’s main goal is to provide our services at a reasonable price within convenient hours for our customers 24/7, which will allow our customers to make sure that their living environment are clean, neat, and presentable at all times. We want to our cliental to save time by handing over their household responsibilities to us. Killerclean creates confidence along with top level hygiene in any living area.

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Don’t worry if you are out or you do not have your cleaning supplies. We have our CleanToGo buckets with the necessary cleaning supplies packed in. You can purchase one in advance and we will bring it to your door, so you will not have to worry about cleaning supplies. We will give you notice in advance when we are almost out of supplies, so we can make sure we have another CleanToGo bucket for you with us at our next appointment.

Buket Supplies


Cleaning Green

Depending on our clients’ request we have the option to use “Green Products” which will allow us to contribute in our environments well being. Our green clean option also assures prevent any allergies that might be triggered by regular cleaning supplies.